RiskMan is a multi-user web-based system with different access levels enabling registration, data collection, visualization, and use of data and analyses provided through the RkFMEA method for risk assessment, monitoring and preventive resource management of risk. The system has been designed as a client-server application accessible to end users by means of Мicrosoft's Internet browser. To enable portability, RiskMan was developed using PHP and JavaScript, under Windows XP operating system. The product was tested on Apache servers. MySQL database is used for data storage and access. The software technologies and applications used in RiskMan enable the easy migration of the system to other platforms.

The access to the RiskMan system provides an opportunity for data entry, supervising and correcting data at the LAU2 and the level of municipality. Four different user roles have been defined with authorised access in the system, e.g. system administrator, administrator of municipality, operator in community and visitor, each with their own fixed rights. While a visitor can only review the data input for all municipalities, communities, risks and technical facilities, the operator in the respective community can, in addition to this, enter and edit data about the community he/she has been assigned with, and data about both risks and technical facilities. The creation and administration of operators in communities is performed by the administrator in the respective municipality, who in his/her turn is governed by the system administrator.

 Brochure of the project „RiskMan“ Brochure - RiskMan

The system is available only in Bulgarian. You can find more materials related to the system on the following website www.riskbg.org.

The First Flood Risk Maps are Represented

Pilot level of the system was implemented in the municipality of Ruse

Currently, a consortium of organizations involved in developing the Riskman, together with the municipality of Ruse are preparing the annual update mechanism to the data needed for annual production of thematic maps on risk assessment.

Municipality of Rousse – Flood Risk

Municipality of Rousse – Change of Flood Risk Level (Comparison to flood risk level of previous year, accounting for executed preventive measures)

Municipality of Rousse – Flood Risk – Need and urgent effective investment in prevention