Data and services for Republic of Bulgaria support of „Europa 2020“

The proposed information is based on an integrated approach in solving tasks by Bulgarian experts and in partnership with national and European organizations, institutes and experts, in accordance to transfer of good experience and best practice in the EU and over the world. Implementation of these tasks is in accordance both with national programming documents and European Union directives and regulations. Information in separate sections is in a process of accumulating, processing and experimental implementation and it is a subject of changes, supplement and restructuring.

At this stage the section "Data and Services" includes the following directions:

  • National Database of the Standing Water in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Services in support to Danube Strategy - SmartCover !
  • Web GIS Information Environment
  • Riskwatch
  • RiskMan
  • Eurowatch
  • Land Cover - Referential Layer
  • Urban Teritories Management
  • Flood Simulation Models
  • 3D models
  • Data quality assessment(DQA); Data Mining and interpretation; Information management
  • Monitoring of sustainable management - land cover/land use changes
  • Metadata
  • Historic maps