Riskwatch is a news aggregation and analysis system, which monitors continuously, filters and extracts news about disasters which happen on the territory of Bulgaria. The system monitors more than 20 Bulgarian news websites.
Riskwatch is a fully automatic system that uses artificial intelligence methods, such as machine learning and linguistic rules for classification and extraction of meta-information out of news articles. The system is designed to detect and analyse news about six type of natural disasters: earthquakes, landslides, heavy snow falls, floods, wild fires, and strong winds.
Not only it detects the type of the disaster, but it also recognizes if it is a report about a past or an ongoing disaster, or it reports about disaster prevention or the possibility of a disaster.

Web-GIS representation of daily information for disasters and accidents in Bulgaria - Riskwatch

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Connections between RISKWATCH system and
European Commission Systems – „Danube Reference Data and Services Infrastructure (DRDSI)“, „European Media Monitoring System (EMM)“, COPERNICUS Early Warning Systems „Emergency Management Services“ – EFAS and EFFIS
based on
ASDE – JRC collaboration agreement

Stastistical Analysis
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Legend of the symbols used in the system

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Disaster types recognized by the system and used icons

Forest Fire  
Severe Snowing  
Severe Wind  

Information types of disasters

Current disaster The disaster is currently in progress or has happened in the previous hours of the day. In some cases, a previous days disasters are classified in this type
Danger There is a risk of upcomming disaster
Past disaster The disaster is over. Usually this kind of news concern disasters occured in prior weeks, months or even years
Measures Actions to prevent disasters. For instance, landslide consolidations, river level monitoring, riverbed cleaning and etc.
Restorative works Restorative works after happened disaster
Common information General information for disasters. Usually this kind of news do not relate to a specific disaster
Affected people During the disaster there was injured - killed, wounded, homeless or other direct effects on citizens
Property damage and / or affected people The disaster has caused damages, there is also possible a directly affected people
Related news This kind of news cannot be determined by the system