One of the main priorities of BSDI is the elaboration of available practical ways for preliminary assessment of potential damage when different natural hazards, firstly flood risk. For this purpose, thematic maps of potential flooded areas of certain pilot municipalities and rivers are prepared. The maps, which present the results from the researches are based on good European practice and are prepared by experts from Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC and the Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration (ASDE), Experts from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology take also part (NIMH-BAS).

The presented maps are for public use, they are protected by the Copyright law and they cannot be used for commercial purposes. When using them, the source from which are taken and the copyright holders should be quoted – ECNIS-ASDE-ReSAC ©.

Till now 163 flood simmulation models are prepared. The presented graphic materials are related to simplified flood simulative models of flooded areas. The simulative models are simplified and they include an elevation model, based on topographic maps, very high resolution satellite imagery and analysis of land cover. When providing additional information from the relative municipality about the cadastre, available protective hydrotechnical installations, rainfalls, soil layer, etc., the model should be upgraded and more precise results could be obtained. For this purpose, it is necessary a corporation with public institutions and municipal administration, which provide additional information.

Thematical Maps

Flood simulation models over river cathment and the surrounding settlements

Last added: Sanitary Rehabilitation Center „Kamchia“ Ltd from Aerophoto; Sanitary Rehabilitation Center „Kamchia“ Ltd from SPOT5

Last added:

  • City of Vidin, on Quickbird (60cm);
  • City of Vratsa, on SPOT5 (5m);
  • From village Chepintsi along Lesnovska river to village Negovan on GeoEye (50cm);
  • City of Harmanly, on Aerophoto;
  • From village Biser along Maritsa river to the city of Svilengrad on SPOT5 (5m);

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Водосбори Arda Byala Reka Vit Dospat Iskar Kamchia Maritsa Mesta Ogosta Osam Rusenski Lom Struma Tundzha Yantra

    "Map of flood simulation models on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria"

The maps represents sample visualization of a system of flood modeling and forecasting in different water levels. The development of such a system would give an opportunity for timely preventive measures, as well as it will contribute to fast mapping of real damages.