Connection between European Commission Systems - DRDSI, EMM, Copernicus - EFAS, EFFIS and „Riskwatch“

Based on an ASDE – JRC collaboration agreement, a partnership was started in the field of development of integrated spatial databases, as well as of innovation technologies - automatic aggregation and analysis systems

Here you may find some European Commission links we are collaborating.

In order to be better inform citizens and responsible structures as well as integration of information systems on different European levels - national, regional and community a direct link is introdused between information system „Risk watch“, maintained by geoportal BSDI and two European information systems for natural disasters created at the Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development - Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (IES - JRC). They are as follow:

  • European forest fire information system - EFFIS;
  • European flood alert system - EFAS;

A parallel processing of the provided information is upcoming on purpose of interconnections and useful results.

EFFIS – system with web-GIS mapping of fires at the moment, including presentation of the current weather conditions and forecast for the next 7 days, is available HERE.

EFAS – system with web-GIS mapping of information on current flooding, including the pressmark of critical levels, is available HERE.